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Give a better digital to your Company

From May 1-31, we are accepting applications for the Digital Summer Pack, a hybrid offering of Digital Consulting and Design. The program is open to 20 companies, followed one-on-one by Manet Homines, to deeply revitalize their business by September.

Why in summer?
Because if 2022 started without a clear upswing yet, being ready in early September can be a great way to take advantage of what’s still left of the year.

Why Manet Homines?
Because we don’t just make sites or content, but real communication strategies. By choosing Manet Homines you get the best of our Consulting and the creativity and analytical skills of our Digital Design Studio.

…and get our full digital offer

Our model brings order to your objectives, processes, products and services. In doing so, we engage with you and constructively challenge your assumptions.

The Digital Summer Pack allows you to do just that: rethink your digital presence from the ground up.

How do we do it?
1. We schedule the first meeting where we understand what you need together. We’ll take a frank look at what works, what doesn’t, and what’s involved in achieving the goal you desire.
2. Over the course of the next few days we exchange data, observations, and exchange a state-of-the-art analysis of your digital presence.
3. We receive and discuss a Digital Communication Strategy.
4. Based on this, we make a redesign of your site or propose a new one-including eCommerce-and ready by September.
5. We do the same on all your digital channels, including Social Media, Newsletter and Blog.
6. We set up clear, simple and useful Analytics with you to navigate the business in front of you.

Would you like to know more?

Contact us now and we’ll schedule a call
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Ridiculously strategic is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Thomas. I have had the chance of working close to him during more than two years, collaborating on several digital and marketing projects. Above all, I am always impressed with Thomas’ ability to understand the full picture and with his fast and driven analytic mind. He is the person I still count on to debate about how to launch a new project and whose opinion and feedback add a great value on the decision. His clear mind-set, his ability to juggle multiple projects and environments make Thomas a great partner to work with.

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