Cutting edge.

As an independent company we have the flexibility to offer tailor-made solutions. This means offering the most suitable product at the best price in all circumstances.

Based on this premise, our Design Studio creates concepts and implementations for Web 2.0, including Sites, multi-platform eCommerce implementations, Social Commerce, Editorial products and Community management.

We also specialise in following web 3.0 activities, offering knowledge, assistance and training to bring the world of blockchain into your company.

Those who choose our Design Studio are interested in improving a specific point in their communication ecosystem, which has often become too complex and only partially utilised over the years.

They are typically medium- to large-sized companies looking for strong creative skills and high-performance, easy-to-use digital objects.

(almost) for every need

  • Brand, visual and copy identity
  • Web 2.0, from websites to applications
  • eCommerce integration on all platforms
  • Social media
  • Web 3.0, blockchain based, including NFTs
  • Marketing automation
  • Newsletter, subscription models, all e-publishing solutions


Ridiculously strategic is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Thomas. I have had the chance of working close to him during more than two years, collaborating on several digital and marketing projects. Above all, I am always impressed with Thomas’ ability to understand the full picture and with his fast and driven analytic mind. He is the person I still count on to debate about how to launch a new project and whose opinion and feedback add a great value on the decision. His clear mind-set, his ability to juggle multiple projects and environments make Thomas a great partner to work with.

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