The power of thinking.

Know-how is limited today if you cannot think and offer intellectual value to your customers.

We operate in a business world interconnected with society and increasingly dependent on Culture, Media and Technology, and we have decided to position ourselves as a partner in choice.

That is why we have developed our own proprietary consultancy model – TOTEM – and use it to enable you to make sensible, growth-oriented business decisions.

…generates clarity

Our model brings order to your objectives, processes, products and services. In doing so, we engage with you and constructively challenge your assumptions. We bring you data, research and opportunities to re-interpret your market presence.

However, our consultative philosophy is hands on and – while aligning goals and strategies with TOTEM – we enter your processes in real time as if we were team members, often using our Production Studio to quickly resolve pain or seize the fastest opportunities.

…and results

TOTEM – our consultancy model – creates a system of linked, progressive objectives, always associated with a shared action plan and return.

The keyword, from which our model also takes its name, is alignment. This is why, with TOTEM, we not only bring new knowledge to the company, but also harmonise the Processes in all the departments which meet the customers.

As a Production Studio, we finally enter every touchpoint, not only giving theoretical direction, but implementing improvements on the go and ensuring consistency along the entire value chain.

– Business Plan
– Growth hacking
– Concept design and Strategies
– Training
– Third party coordination along the value chain


Ridiculously strategic is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Thomas. I have had the chance of working close to him during more than two years, collaborating on several digital and marketing projects. Above all, I am always impressed with Thomas’ ability to understand the full picture and with his fast and driven analytic mind. He is the person I still count on to debate about how to launch a new project and whose opinion and feedback add a great value on the decision. His clear mind-set, his ability to juggle multiple projects and environments make Thomas a great partner to work with.

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